Software & Tools

Thinkorswim Software

Create a free account on TD Ameritrade Website and install Thinkorswim platform on your PC or MAC.

Make sure you digitally sign agreements on the TD Ameritrade website to have access to live-market data and avoid delay on Thinkorswim.

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Nadex Platform

Create a demo or live account on Nadex website and begin trading. Take the Nadex Basic Course if you are new to Nadex.

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Live Trading Room & Chat Powered by Stride

Share your thoughts and plans with other traders as well as your instructor. To access Thinkercharts’ trading room you must be a premium member. Not a premium member yet Upgrade Here

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Record Your Trading Sessions With Screencastify

Written notes can only tell part of the story and have an actual video of each trade showing the entry, trade management, and exit is extremely valuable to accelerate your learning process.

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Capture Your Screen & Add Annotation With Lightshot

Capture a picture of your screen and add annotations to your trades & trading plans. Lightshot is a powerful tool when it comes to trading. Sharing your screen on our trade room chat helps you get feedback and learn faster. It works with Windows and Mac, find Hotkeys List Here

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Screen Markers, Write On Screen & Scribble

Write on your screen helps you visualize your trades resulting in higher a rate of success. Draw & scribble to highlight your contents and put everything into context as the market unfolds.